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AuDi Pharma Ingredients

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AuDi Pharma Ingredients
         We have started our journey of processing spices into food ingredients and grownup remarkably in the recent years by expanding ourselves in extraction of oleoresins from spices -which was the need of modern food processing industry.
Now, we isolate only the Active Component in spices and we have become a prominent supplier of Active-Pharma Ingredients. We carefully isolate the active pharma component in spices like, Chilli, Turmeric and Pepper.
We have a vision. A vision to be globally regonised and be a reputed supplier in Pharma and Food Ingredients supplier. We wish to straddle the entire "Spices into Pharma" industry .
"Our Facility is equipped with latest Machinary and Modern Technology; yet we do business like our forefathers, in an old fasioned way - with Sincerity, Morality and Hard Work"